Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weigh-In Twosday? God I'm lame

Another WI day, and another 2 pounds bite it.  I'm very pleased to have lost 2 pounds, 2 straight weeks... my losses haven't been that big since my first months on WW.  I don't entirely know why I've been more successful lately.  My progress has been better since the advent of Points+, but I really haven't changed my eating that much since the new plan was rolled out.  And it's also been better since I stopped peeking at the scale on non-WI days, so maybe the scale is so grateful to not have me stomping on it 5 times a week that it's gratefully spitting me generous results.  Who knows the reason, but I have been more diligent with my eating and also with my tracking, and apparently it's paying off.

I'm going to Chicago in about a month for the wedding of two of my friends from law school, so that's definitely a motivation to get my ass in gear.  Frankly, I'm vain and I adore compliments, so any big event where I get to dress up and look foxy for people I haven't seen in awhile is fantastic for my willpower.  I don't like setting specific weight goals, but if I can get beyond the -75 mark by then I'd be ecstatic... 2.4 el-bees to go!


  1. Great job on your WI - you'll be -75 in no time!

  2. Thanks Kathy! I hate getting fixated on a certain number, but my mind always seems to wander ahead optimistically!