Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stuff and Things

When the hell did it become mid-July already?  Shit is crazy.  Usually by mid-July I'm over summer and the heat and just want it to be fall, but this year it's kind of going too quickly and I'd like to hold onto summer a little more.  But not the heat, that shit can go.

My birthday is in 9 days and despite turning 33 which seems solidly mid-30s, I'm excited about it.  Mostly because I like attention and celebrations in my honor, and cake and beer and gifts, and all of the other good things that come along with birthdays.  My memory and this blog indicate that after my birthday and after August begins, I tend to go into some kind of mental/actual detox mode with trying to go out less, drink less, eat less, etc.  However, I absolutely promise that I will not be doing any juice cleanses or other such absurdities this year.  At this point, it's probably better for my bank account than anything else that I maybe just like, chill out and stay home now and then.

Weirdly, and happily, I hardly ever seem to weigh myself anymore.  I just don't really think about it.  I used to try to stick to a once a week weigh-in day, usually Wednesdays, then eventually decided to make it an every other week thing, and now it just doesn't even cross my mind.  I've probably weighed myself less than once a month for the past several months.  I'm not saying I deserve a medal but I remember when that was like, a BFD for me and I'd make it into a drawn-out dramatic challenge and then blog about it like I was accomplishing some noble feat.  It makes me feel like a normal healthy-ish person to just like, live and not constantly spend so much time and energy thinking about my weight.  I still track pretty much every day on MFP, but it's less about trying to be perfect and stick to my calorie target every day and more out of habit and trying to get a decent amount of protein and fiber, cuz apparently that stuff is good for you.

My thighs are lookin pretty fresh to death.  I might take some more pics at some point but they're pretty much the same as before, and I'm really happy with them.  Nothing drastic but they're smoother and straighter and I like it.  Also my stomach is flatter, especially on the right side, and I'm never gonna complain about that!  I'm back to my normal workout routine.  I started back with running a couple weeks ago then added kickboxing and other classes last week, and everything feels good.  The transition back was much quicker and easier this time around, thank god.  I'm too lazy and unmotivated to have to deal with adversity in that (or any) regard.

This was a really boring and uneventful life update but figured I should check in.  Now that I'm done with the plastic surgery/skin removal chapter of my life, it's possible I will never ever post again.  But hopefully that's not the case!