Thursday, April 28, 2011

Draft Night

The NFL draft is generally one of my top 7 or so favorite days of the year, but the whole lock-out dramz has really bored me to tears and I've been paying less attention than usual.  Luckily for any randos lurking on the internet looking for a mediocre blog yapping about food, laziness and occasional weight loss, I figured I'd crank out a blog entry while I await the Eagles' pick.

Speaking of laziness, I did the unheard of (for me) today.  I had decided around 4:30 that I was going to ditch the gym and go home and chillax.  The problem with evenings like this, when I blissfully have nowhere to be, is that I tend to go home and munch on a variety of crap all evening.  I really don't think the calories I actually burn at the gym are nearly as impactful on my weight loss as the calories I don't eat that I otherwise would be shoving in my face if I was home instead.  True story.  I eat significantly less on gym nights.

So anyway, I was in the car on the way back to my apartment bitching to myself about how ungodly sore my feet were from my dickhead patent leather heels that apparently still aren't broken in effectively.  I was groaning about having to walk all 2/3 of a block from my parking garage to my apartment in these foot grenades, when it occurred to me that if I went to the gym, I would change into sneaks and could wear those home later.  Yeah, I know, I had sneakers in my car and could have just put those bad-boys on without dragging my ass to the gym, but common sense evaded me.  I was also trying to avoid going to a charity event one of my roommates invited me to, so the gym provided a convenient alibi.  Miracle of miracles, 2 traffic lights before I passed the gym I decided to actually go, albeit for completely frivolous reasons.  Please understand that this never happens.  Once I talk myself out of going to the gym, that shit is done.  I don't rethink it or weigh the pros and cons, it's just a dead issue.  So yeah.. I went, did my thing, and peaced out.  I went home and ate a moderate amount of food and only used 1 WP.  Basically, what I planned on doing this morning, but now I'm acting like I just cured cancer.

Anywayzzz.. Eagles pick just in, went with O-line, I was hoping for a corner but so be it.  Before I forget, I gained 1.6 this past week.  Like how I snuck it in at the end after football talk like maybe no one would notice?  This weekend was a lot of good, delicious eating with the fam and I can't say I regret it.  But I'd still like to get some momentum going and bust out a couple straight losses one of these days.  We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm over April

I feel like whining about the weather today, which is so generic and tedious but whatevs.  The sky looks like it threw up this morning.  It's supposed to get up to 79 today but with thunder storms and other assorted crappiness.  I just want a warm sunny day, damnit.  I will start to despise summer and all things heat-related by June or so, so I'd just like some pleasant 75-and-sunny weather between now and then.  Then again, it's April when, duh, rain happens, so I should probably just get over it and find something more creative to bitch about.  I guess it's a sign that things are going well overall in my life when my only complaint is the weather.

On a less downsies note, I want to brag about my cooking for a minute.  Since the move I've been cooking regularly and preparing meals and sticking to my list at the grocery store and it's been fantastic!  I realize that most people do this every day for like 50 years and don't ask to be showered with praise over it, but I require constant attention and head-patting over menial tasks so I'm going to brag.  I defrosted chicken and ground turkey on Sunday and made lemon chicken with cous cous Monday night and last night had a baked spud and turkey burger with cheese and avocado slices (I don't think I've ever gotten my timing down previously on the ripening of avocados so this shit is big news) and was not dissuaded by the fact that I got home from the gym at 8:15 and could have easily went to town on a box of cereal and some spaghetti-o's instead.  Tonight I'm doing fajitas with my sister and will even exercise some efficiency skills and use the rest of the avocado.  I love that she lives in Philly too and we can cook dinner together and do other things that real adults do.  It also makes me ridic excited for some nice weather when we can do dinner and happy hour outside somewhere on Rittenhouse Square and gossip about how weird and/or annoying our friends are.  <3 sisterly bonding.

Lastly, I lost 1.4 at weigh-in yesterday which was awesome.  I had a mostly decent week with a few downfalls over the weekend and I'm very excited to be moving in the downward direction with a solid loss.  Fingers crossed for 2 weeks in a row...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It looks like I'm back to the up & down weight pattern I thought I had shed a few weeks ago.  But who am I kidding- I had a flukey 4.4 pound loss last week with some less than stellar eating, so that was sure to lead nowhere good.  I'm up 0.4 this week but was still pretty pleased when I stepped on the scale yesterday.  I mostly restored normal eating habits to my life and have been pretty good about cooking and preparing lunches and dinners in advance.  My biggest downfall was going out for beer and nachos with my best friend on Friday.  I hadn't seen her in forever and it just seemed like a good time to consume large quantities of melted cheese.

I'm hoping to lose the 0.4 this week and knock out a few straight losses in the coming weeks.  The gym has seemed a little more annoying than usual lately (and it's always annoying) and I think with the extra 15 minutes added to my commute each way, I get resentful that I don't get to spend as much time flopping around lazily on the couch.  I know I talk about laziness a lot, but it really is a large part of my life's happiness.  I've still been going to the gym anyway, just grumbling about it more than usual- my apologies.

I brought up the topic of weight goal rewards awhile back and, as per usual, didn't follow through with coming up with any.  I really just don't think I'm capable of thinking of something I want and actually making myself wait to buy it.  But regardless, I think with the 100 pounds mark approaching (pounds lost, not current weight- as if that needed explaining if you've ever seen me) I should come up with something pimp-ass as a reward.  I badly want to keep losing weight and I'm definitely not one of those people who is "scared" to be thin or any of that crazy talk.  However, I think I'm a little anxious about losing 100 pounds because then it sort of makes it obvious that I was 100 pounds overweight in the first place, right?  Not like anyone thought I was waifish before I started, but that number is kind of ridonk and I'm not sure how I'll feel about telling people I've lost 100 pounds, if and when I get to that point.  I totally 100% plan to keep losing, I just want to stop keeping track of the poundage, essentially.  I think I'd feel better if I just kept saying "85 pounds lost" like people that keep saying they're 29 for ten years straight.  So yeah.  At the very least, I should think of some kind of awesome reward for myself, which brings me back to my original dilemma of being an impulsive buyer with no patience.  Crap.

That's about the gist of the past week.  I feel like this post started going downhill into negative-town at some point, but I swear I'm pretty content with things right now.  I just gotta keep on planning good meals and avoid exessive nacho consumption and I should be alright.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still kickin

Looks like I've been failing on the blogging front yet again- and to think I had been making such progress!  In my defense, I did move (FINALLY!) this past weekend, and I've always been very upfront about my chronic laziness, so there you have it.

Quick update in WW-land: I gained 1.2 last week, mostly from too much beer and Chick-fil-a nuggets.  This past week I lost 4.4 or something ridic.  Yes, I'm happy that the scale is going down, but I used my points on mostly garbage over the weekend and then inadvertently underate my points by quite a bit Sunday and Monday so my body is kind of hating me the past couple days.  I was shoving food down my gullet all morning yesterday and my stomach was still growling, so needless to say I will be much more careful about planning and eating all of my points going forward.  Not that eating is EVER a problem for me, but the transition to the new apartment has screwed things up for me a little.  If I gain this week so be it- hopefully from here on out I can resume a nice slow and steady weight loss progression.

On the bright side, I have been decently good with preparing dinners in advance so that I don't end up with Lean Cuisines or cereal every night.  I've realized that prepping a basic meal the night before really doesn't require THAT much work and the benefits of eating something (mostly) balanced and filling are definitely worth a few minutes of prep the night before.  But... there's also a Wawa a block away so I can always grab a Shorti if I'm being particularly lazy one day.  I went to the gym the past 2 nights and *plan* on going tonight so that I can then justify being a lazy waste of space (at least, more so than usual) for the next 2 days.

That pretty much sums up the past couple weeks.  I love my new apartment, I love being in the city, and I love that baseball season has finally started.  The weather is getting warmer and I've got a sweet roof deck at my new casa.  Life is good.