Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Weigh-in of 2011

3 weeks ago, I decided to something crazy and unprecedented for me and actually enforce my ongoing claim that I would stop weighing mid-week.  It's not that the scale makes me that psychotic, necessarily.  But in an attempt to keep WW from taking over my entire life, I figured avoiding my morning scale checks might restore some sanity and also make me concentrate more on tracking and sticking to the program.  An additional treat is that I now wake up on Tuesday mornings like a kid on Christmas morning.

So for the third straight week, I went into WI blind, and was pleasantly surprised to see a 1.6 pound loss.  Sure, I gained 1.2 last week, but a net loss of 0.4 pounds over Christmas and New Years?  You better believe I'll take that shit with bells on.  I ate roughly 2.4 million points over Christmas weekend so the "only" 1.2 pound gain the week before was Christmas present enough, but to lose it and them some after enjoying a New Years weekend involving beer, crab fries and Geno's (see my hot pic of cheesesteak consumption below) was pretty much orgasm-inducing.  I'm on the verge of -70 lost, and -75 is looking pretty awesome around the corner.

Time to get back to Biggest Loser.  Tonight is the premiere of season 442, give or take.  The first week is always the best because you get to point and laugh at people falling off treadmills and at least 3 people crying.  In truth, I love the show and find the transformations inspiring, and nothing gets my lazy ass off the couch like watcghing a 400 pound person do squat thrusts.  But it's a bit predictable, overly emotional, and a little depressingly unrealistic when that same 400 pound person passes me on the scale approximately 3 weeks from now.  Nevertheless, time to get back to watching as it looks like someone's about to face plant on the Stairmaster.  Here's to another great season!

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