Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun while it lasted!

Annnd back up 2.4 el-bees.  I was hoping to keep closer to half of the sick weight off this week but I’m cool with it and hope my body can chill out this week and resume some normalcy.  I left 20 WPs and all 18 APs unused this week which on most weeks would be a good week, but I know after losing 6.8 pounds the last 2 weeks and my eating schedule just being generally haphazard of late, the scale is all over the place.  I’m still pretty pleased to be moving past the sickness drama and to have kept off part of the giant loss and still be in some new territory.  My clothes are also noticeably looser so all-in-all things are good with WW.
I’ve probably mentioned before that I love to cook and love spending a few minutes here and there throughout the week planning new dinner ideas to try and making my shopping list for the grocery store.  I’m usually pretty reliable for planning out at least 3 weeknight dinners a week and filling in the gaps with leftovers or quickie meals and generally avoiding the Lean Cuisine route more often that not.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a foodie, but I genuinely enjoy food and meals and making sure each one is at least somewhat awesome, whether I cook it myself or go out, so that alone is a huge motivation to plan out some quality dinner ideas.  Even so, I get lazy from time to time so I’m going to try to start posting a few of my dinners for the week as an extra incentive to keep planning and to explore some new recipes more often.

This week, I made Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes for dinner on Sunday night, and last night had Tuna Cous Cous Cakes with a baked sweet potato.  Tonight will be Chicken Marsala with brown rice (based on Emeril’s recipe, lightened up a bit) and then tomorrow or Thursday will be Chicken and Biscuits Casserole.  I’ve also got stuff for tacos or fajitas on hand if I decide to plug that in one night.  I really spend an absurd amount of time and energy thinking about food.

On a less healthy note, I saw a picture the other day for Cadbury Cream Egg cupcakes and I feel that it’s my mission in life to make this dream a reality in my kitchen sometime in the near future.  I’m not a big picture-taker but if I make those bitches I will make a point to photograph my handiwork shortly before inhaling a few.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The easiest way to lose weight...

So much for my hope of getting an accurate picture of how my abstinence from hard alcohol is affecting my weight, at least this week.  I got some random-ass stomach bug starting Thursday night and moving through the weekend to Sunday where I could only eat sporadically when my stomach decided it didn’t want to kill itself.  After being under my points by 5, 20 and 10, respectively, on Thursday through Saturday, I was able to get to within 2 points of my dailies the past two days, and then had a 3.8 pound loss at WI this week.

Ahh the number this morning was so glorious!  It was a number I haven’t seen in ohsolong and after months of mediocrity was starting to wonder when I would see again.  Nevertheless, I am fully planning to resume eating like a normal human being this week and I’m sure my metabolism is ready to tell me to go fuck myself, so whether any of it stays off remains to be seen.  After wanting to curl up into a ball and throw myself off a cliff all day on Friday I can absolutely say that feeling better is the best thing of all and whatever happens with my weight is not my chief concern by any stretch.  But after losing 3 pounds last week to get back to my low point, and then losing the 3.8 this week to enter some crazy new territory, daaaaamnit it’s hard not to dream. 

I was just recently joking with a friend about how the stomach flu would really be the jumpstart my weight loss has been looking for (absolutely said in jest, but with a tinge of hmmm) but we both laughed that even at our sickest we’re both still eaters.  I’m not the gal that simply cannot be bothered with food while feeling ill, I’m usually powering through it with a bowl full of mac and cheese or other comfort food.  So perhaps it was karma biting me in the ass when I actually had to repeatedly sit there staring longingly at meal after lovely meal without being able to eat much of it and surely not enjoy any of it while I struggled to choke down a few bites without wanting to vom.  So, thank you karma, I will certainly not wish for illness or the inability to eat, even laughingly, from here on out.

I dragged my punkass to kickboxing last night and made it through just fine so I think my immune system is mostly back to normal-ish.  I really have no control over how my body and metabolism decide to react this week or how much of that loss will be sustainable, but as usual all I can do is push on and have the best week I can to build from here.  If nothing else, maybe seeing that fabulous number on the scale this morning, however fleetingly, will motivate me to keep my shit in line so I can go back to that glorious feeling of watching the scale go down like I used to before the epic plateau.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When you put your mind to it...

And yet again I am reminded that when I actually make a concerted effort to exercise some willpower, good things can happen.  Down 3 pounds… BOOM.  This puts me back to my lowest (-100.6) which is awesome and as much as I could have possibly hoped for this week.  HOWEVER- I really really really really fucking really want to see some new numerage (spellcheck says that’s not a word, stupid) on the old scale this week.  Like, enter a new pound for the first time since I hit the century mark.  Which would require a 0.6 pound loss this coming week.  I can totally do that, but I know that I tried for the same thing multiple times in the past few months when I was back down to my lowest and instead ran into mostly epic failure.

I’m just tired of bobbling around within the same ~3.5 pound range.  If I could just get down a couple of poundaroos it would at least be refreshing to see different numbers while yo-yoing incessantly, because I’ve been seeing the same GD numbers on the scale for mooooonths now.  Forget hitting the next 5-pound interval, I’d gladly take 2 at this point. 

So back to my 3 pound loss.  Made it another week with no liquor and minimal alcohol.  I went out to a buffet for dinner on Friday night (yes, Friday night at a buffet, please reserve your judgments) and a 3-course, mostly buffet-style endless champagne brunch on Sunday morning and still made it through the week with 14 weekly points and all 22 activity points in tact.  And I didn’t sit there nibbling on lettuce leaves (like I’d ever allow lettuce in my mouth anyway), I just planned ahead and didn’t eat my face off.  It’s almost irritating how easy it can feel some weeks, while others I seem to lack all self-control.  Which will this coming week be?  I know it’s all technically within my control, I just like it when it feels easy.  Is that so wrong?! 

This coming week doesn’t have any obvious challenges lurking so it’s absolutely, totally possible for me to rock the shit out of this WW week.  I’ve gotta go to a Flyers game with clients tonight but the food is significantly easier to avoid when you’re trying to avoid cheese dripping down your chin while talking about foreclosure litigation.  Tomorrow night is sushi but that’s doable as well.  It really just boils down to whether or not I’m going to continue to plan ahead and get my shit in gear or whether I’m going to submit to the (delicious, bakery-fresh, flakey, chocolatey) donuts in the kitchen.  I’ve got my workouts planned for this week and am slowly improving my running speed a tad since a certain whorebag is making me do another 5k on 3/18.  I will report back next week, gain or loss, and see what comes from my third week without hard liquor.