Thursday, January 27, 2011

Truckin' along

I lost another pound this week!  What is up with that, seriously?  Doesn't the scale know that I ate my weight in guacamole this past weekend?  I'm starting to think maybe I have tapeworm or dysentery or something because the scale has been awfully friendly this month.  But, I will give myself credit in that I have been tracking diligently since Christmas, for better or worse.  I've been using all of my weekly points in that span (and one week all of my activity points plus a couple extra for good measure) which used to almost always spell a gain for me.  Whatever the reason, I will never argue with more eating and less gaining.

It snowed another foot and change last night which is becoming somewhat inconvenient, but I kind of love how pretty it looks once I'm inside my office and not trudging through it.  There were hardly any cars on the road this morning (the majority of people in New Jersey desperately need to grow a pair.. it's the northeast, we regularly get shitloads of snow and driving in it is nothing new) but at least it made the commute an easy one.  I don't care about sliding around on the roads when there's no one to hit!  I probably will, however, make a big sacrifice (translated: not at all a sacrifice) and forego the gym tonight.  I'm just totally broken up over that as you can well imagine.

I packed an army of healthy snacks and food options since I'll probably stay at the office for lunch (and the cafe downstairs closes at the first whiff of a snowflake).  I tend to be more motivated by good numbers and results than by gains, so I'm hoping I can snowball my recent progress (ha! snowball, get it?!) into more positive motivation and friendly WIs going forward.

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  1. Sorry - found your blog on the WW website message boards and also have a blog so thought I would follow yours - love what you've written and your experiences - good luck and keep up the hard work :)