Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Exercise Shmexercise

After having my exercise routine disrupted for the past month or so and being limited in what I could do, and then having to take 10 days completely off, I tried telling myself not to take exercise for granted.  Because, you know, being physically able to do shit is a gift and not being able to exercise also sucks, as it turns out.  I went through a similar mental exercise when I had surgery last year and actually briefly got emo about not having that constant in my life for over 6 weeks.

But as it turns out, now that I've been able to get back to my mostly normal gym and workout routine for the past week, it still sucks and I still dislike it and I don't have any new appreciation for it.  In fact I'd really come to enjoy getting to go right home after work and spend that hour and change laying in bed watching TV or reading Us Weekly rather than at the gym.  It feels especially annoying to be getting back into this routine just to disrupt it again in 2 weeks when I have surgery 2 and am out of commission for god knows how long, but I guess the silver lining is that in 2 weeks I'm back to lazy mode while I recover.  We'll see how much animosity I have in July when I have to go through this yet again but much more out of shape.

Oh and my back/spine feels good for now.  Apparently I have 2 partially torn discs in my lower back so the next step is physical therapy and then spine injections, but since the pain comes and goes and the doctor said it's fine to workout in whatever capacity doesn't cause pain, I'll probably wait til after surgery to start PT and figure out the next steps with that.  Damn I'm like a broken heap of old woman these days with my ailments.

Surgery is 2 weeks from tomorrow and just ready to be on the other side of it.  I was thinking the other day how I shake my head at the prospect of dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding but then toss $17k at elective surgery in a 14 month span, so perhaps I can't judge.  But hey, surgery lasts longer than marriage more often than not- these scars are forever!  My thighs better look daaaaaayum good.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Monthly hello

Apparently I started writing this post a few weeks ago and, SHOCKING, never posted it.  So I'll just keep what I've got going since lord how knows it might take me if I start from scratch again.


Hmm my post title probably sounds like some creepy name for getting your period, but no. It's just been 5ish weeks so I might as well blast out an update.  Except I don't really have any exciting updates so it's more like, here are some words.

I fucked up my back in some manner or another about a month ago, just before Easter.  It started out as a general mild soreness which I figured was yet another byproduct of my shitty softball swing or my inability to stay upright in flag football or perhaps questionable form in burpees.  I'm still not really sure where things went wrong but a few days later it had become pretty obnoxious and kept me out of the gym for 5 days before it mostly got better, then got much worse.  Last Tuesday I had to stomp out of a HIIT class early after doing god knows what to my back leaving me in terrible pain, then cried for the duration of the 20 minute drive home before not being able to sleep at all because laying in bed was such an uncomfortable beast.  Getting old is stupid.

I went to my PCP and then a spine doctor and I'm awaiting an MRI, but it has gotten a bit better since last Tuesday so that I'm at least able to run and hike and do a few lower impact things until I know what's what.  I also got a cold/strep situation last week that I'm trying to clear which is mostly just of lot of ugly throaty coughing, but sleeping through the night is overrated anyway, isn't it?


Anyway to build on that, even 2 weeks later I still don't have my MRI results nor has my dumb cough/cold/strep/allergies/AIDS gone away.  So basically, the last 2 weeks have been a wash in the medical improvement arena.  My workouts have been limited to running and lifting, not sure when kickboxing might be back in the picture again.

Surgery is exactly a month from today.  I've kind of forgotten about it and partly debated whether to even have it, at least right now, but I want to just get that shit over with.  And I paid the balance today so now this bitch is happening whether I like it or not.  I'm excited for it to be like, 3 weeks post-surgery when I have the hopefully svelte new thighs but none of the drama or recovery, which I'm currently not in the mood to deal with.  My sister, god love her, is a drama queen and thinks this is unnecessary and I'm a surgery addict or some such, so I haven't even told her it's for sure happening but I'm sure her opinion will be a tediously long and unsolicited one.

Nothing much else in my world!  At least related to the limited and uninteresting topics of weight loss, calorie counting and the like.  I'll update again eventually, at the latest shortly after I have surgery and have a shit ton of free time.