Thursday, September 4, 2014

2 Posts Since 2012, SUCK IT

I initially resisted writing a follow-up post to last week's riveting return because I was thinking, "Allison, why don't you wait for something cool to happen to post about?"  But then I was like, THIS is why I go nearly 2 years without blogging.  Sometimes cool shit is hard to come by, and really, a lack of interesting or even marginally important thoughts has never stopped people from blogging in the past.  Trust me, I've seen them... there are entire blogs about Disney World.

Anyway, I don't even know who if anyone can see this blog since I'm pretty sure I don't have this link literally anywhere but I'll keep talking to an amorphous third party that may only be my future self looking back on this brilliance and wondering why I had so much time on my hands to talk about the trivial minutiae of my life.  On that note, here's a list of fascinating things that transpired in my life this week:

1. I did some more research about skin tightening surgery (i.e. reading random blogs from non-medical professionals and googling big words) and I'm leaning very strongly towards getting it done.  Without having actually scheduled a single consultation yet or really done anything to move things forward or find out costs, my current mental plan is to get abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and brachioplasty (arm lift).  I wouldn't mind having my inner thighs machete'd off too but I'm not made of money, ya heard?

2. My roommates and I started a new puzzle.  It's a giant person-sized cat cradling a little girl and we ordered it semi-ironically but having that in our apartment will very literally prevent anyone from getting laid ever again.

3. I cooked some rather delicious grub including, but not limited to, Creamy Pasta with Sausage and Mustard Seeds, slow cooker pulled pork with Crispy Corn FrittersThree Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom Soup and Kung Pao Chicken Zoodles.  Technically my sister made the Kung Pao Zoodles but whatever.

4. I continued my push-up challenge which entails doing a mere 8 (now 9) push-ups every day for the rest of my life.  I don't really know how long I'll actually do this for but it involves longevity so I'm going to keep going for the foreseeable future or until I forget.  18 days in the bag!  No knees!  Sometimes I even do multiple sets!  NOT-SO-HUMBLE-BRAG.

5. I decided not to wear a champagne dress to either of the 2 weddings I'm going to this weekend even though I was gearing up for a good old etiquette fight with someone's grandma.  I'm now more concerned with what kind of hors d'oeuvres I can shove in my mouth.

And there you have it!  A glimpse into the compelling mind of Yours Truly.  I don't know how I can go up from here, but hopefully I post again before 2015.  XOXOX.