Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sunday already.  Sundays always seem to be a bellweather for my WW week and weigh-in because it's often the point when I choose to buckle down and get back on program if I had a less than stellar Friday and Saturday.  Or alternatively, it is the day when I decide to extend the weekend-eating out by another day and indulge in a bunch of delicious crap, generally leading to a correspondingly crappy number on the scale.  Sundays just seem like a perfect day to lay around and eat Chinese take-out while watching too much TV.

I was pretty decent with my points on Friday night, but last night was more of a failure.  My sister and her roommates were having a party which started around dinner time and thus meant too many hours to drink and munch on the Chick-fil-a nugget tray and other assorted goodness.  Since it was instead of dinner, my food points weren't THAT out of control but I imagine my beer intake put me into some major points debt.  I did stick mostly to light beer and was very diligent early on about having a glass of water in between beers so I like to think I wasn't as bad as I could have been.  But beer is something of a bitch in WW-land (which most likely corresponds to beer's impact on my ass and thighs) so my points for the day were no doubt astronomically high.  I liberally estimated last night's festivities to use my remaining 19 points for the day, the rest of my 27 weeklies, and just about all of my 13 activity points earned thus far.  Maybe more, but that's what I could remember and generously estimate it to be.

Which brings us to today.  I've been decent so far, for a Sunday, though typically lacking in proper nutritional value.  I had a McDonald's hashbrown and iced coffee for breakfast and a (small) movie theater popcorn for lunch, for example, so I'm not setting any health records at the moment.  Still, I've tracked the best I can and am planning on eating a pretty balanced dinner and getting back to the grind tomorrow.  I'm probably due for a gain one of these days so we'll see what happens.

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