Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weigh Day

As I stepped up to the scale this morning, I was mentally prepping for a gain.  Four days this week were actually awesome, two were OK, and Saturday was a miserable fail of a WW day when I consumed 74 points, roughly half of which were alcohol.  And I wasn't even that drunk, I swear.  The new plan makes drinking any amount a lot less fun, but non-light beer in particular has become downright cruel.  I ended up using all of my weeklies and 21 of my 25 APs from last week which doesn't really sound that bad all things considered, but I still don't tend to see positive results when I get deep into my APs, especially when using them on beer and pizza.  Nevertheless, for one reason or another I lost 1.6.  I initially thought it was 0.6 because my math at 6:30 in the morning is halfass at best, but then when I realized I not only lost but had a sizeable one, I was friggen delighted.

Happy as I am with a loss, I want to try to make better decisions with my points this week.  I really don't drink all that much or that often anymore, but I still want to try to use Saturday as an example of how I should NOT be using my points on the weekends.  I'm also going to try not to use all of my weeklies this week because using most but not all of them seems to give me the best results, generally, and I've felt a bit more undisciplined with my eating lately so I think I need to put some minor limits on myself.  There's also part of me that's afraid this morning's WI results were a fluke so I'm hoping to trick my body with some healthy, wholesome eating and run with it.

In other major news, I'm FINALLY moving back out of my parents' house and into Philly on April 1!  I'm unbelievably excited for the move and the new place, but I know it's also going to present some major obstacles to my WLJ.  I moved back home in summer 2008 and lost all of my weight this time around while living at home.  The major significance of that has been that I don't pay for groceries and my mom makes dinner every night, and it's always ready and waiting for me as soon as I get home from work or the gym.  It's not that I'm too lazy to cook, because I love cooking (though I am lazy).  My problem is that when I get home in the evenings, I cannot seem to shovel food into my mouth fast enough.  Lately, when I'm home alone or making my own meals, I start out with a plan to make something healthy and nutritious and end up swooping around the kitchen munching on bowls of cereal, ice cream out of the container, fistfuls of goldfish crackers, and whatever else I can devour immediately.  It's not even that I'm THAT hungry when I get home, but my brain thinks that it needs food urgently and can't be bothered to wait for something to cook.  This is obviously a manageable obstacle, but an obstacle nonetheless, and I need to start planning shit and sticking with it or else things could unravel quickly.

Anyway, I guess I will tackle that bitch as it comes starting in April.  It's not like I haven't lost weight in the past while living on my own, and there's no reason I can't do it again now.  I might try to start posting some menu plans for the day.  Remember when I did that once like 3 weeks ago and never followed up with it?  That's probably what will happen again, but alas, I like to be ambitious and pretend I'll do this stuff.  I also keep saying I'm going to try to blog multiple times a week again rather than this once a week, post-WI nonsense I've been spewing lately.  So hopefully I will be writing again shortly with some fantastically healthy-sounding meal plans (which may or may not ultimately be negated by dinners of goldfish and cereal).

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