Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well I haven't exactly been a stud with posting daily menus, but I decided I'd instead post the random alphabet questionnaire I've seen on a few blogs.  I suppose I prefer talking about myself more than talking about healthy crap, but at least I'm blogging.  I still keep meaning to post an "accent vlog" where I do a video of me saying stuff, but I was struggling like woah trying to use my camera and talk at the same time.  I suck at technology.

A. Age:  27.  I'm old as fuck.  ("For dis club, not for the earf."  Sorry, favorite movie quote ever.)

B. Bed size:  Queen

C. Chore you hate:  Laundry

D. Dogs:  Charlie and Lucy...  I <3 those little douchebags.

in their ghetto-ass Halloween attire

E. Essential start to your day:  I have to wash my face within 3 minutes of getting up.  And coffee is a must.

F. Favorite colour:  Purple

G. Gold or silver:  Probably gold, but I like both.

H. Height:  5'11.5 - I never say 6'0 except when calculating my BMI

I. Instruments you play:  I played the viola in middle school.  I was a cool cat.

J. Job title:  Associate Attorney

K. Kids:  Not my cup of tea.  Neither is tea, come to think of it.

L. Live:  With the 'rents in SoJo until April 1, then moving to Philly.  

M. Mom’s name:  Shelley, but she's been in my phone as "Slutbag Shel" since roughly 2003.  Shel's a hoe.

N. Nicknames:  No regulars.  In high school it was Domo (from my last name), my sister calls me Boo, my friend Michelle and I exclusively refer to each other as Sloot, my rap name is A-bomb, some of my friends call me Alli, the rest just plain old Allison.

O. Overnight hospital stays:  2.. once for 4 days, once just overnight

P. Pet peeve:  cell phones at the gym, anything related to American Idol, scrunchies, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, jorts, people asking me to do legal shit for them, people that slow down while approaching a green light, old people, underwear lines, matching eye shadow to one's outfit, when my dog lays down on my calves while I'm sleeping, mom jeans, 80s hair, and paper cuts

Q. Quote from a movie:  Damn, totally already wasted the Knocked Up quote above.  Anything from The Hangover or Wedding Crashers will also suffice.

R. Right or left handed:  Righty.  My parents are both lefties.  I don't know if that means anything but I spent most of 9th grade biology trying to prove that I was adopted.

S. Siblings:  1 sister, Amy.  She's my favorite person in the universe.

T. Time you wake up:  6:40 when I showered the night before, 6:30 when I'm showering but no hair, 6:20 when showering and washing hair

U. Underwear:  I like Gap and Old Navy thongs, and Gap for regular cotton string bikinis.  Just as long as no one calls them panties... ick.

V. Vegetables you dislike:  lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, celery, cucumber, green beans, broccoli, peppers of any kind, asparagus, cauliflower.. let's just cut to the ones I do like:  carrots (raw only), potatoes, corn and edamame (if that counts).  Hence my blog title.. shit's for real.

W. What makes you run late:  When the Keurig machine is being a dick; when I can't decide on an outfit; when I can't decide on shoes; my dogs being assholes; trying to decide what snacks to pack.

X. X-Rays you’ve had:  Hmm.. not that many.  I had an MRI of my eye, is that an X-ray?  I don't know science.

Y. Yummy food you make:  I think my Thai cooking is pretty legit. 

Z. Zoo- favourite animal:  Koalas, but I generally dislike the zoo.  It smells.

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