Monday, January 26, 2015

Who doesn't like making lists?

I finally weighed myself last Wednesday after 3 weeks off and I was down 5 pounds.  I’m fairly content with that, I mean it’s 5 pounds after all and the last time I weighed myself was the morning of New Years Eve- I was surely higher by that Friday when I finally got my shit together.  I still felt mildly annoyed since 4 of those pounds were from the couple weeks before, and I figure if I’m going to be that solid with WW for 3 straight weeks that I should lose roughly 47 million pounds in that span.  It’s always hard to explain without sounding whiny and entitled but you know what I mean.

This week has been good also, insofar as I’ve tracked, worked out 4 times, had limited alcohol, stayed in my weeklies, etc. but I feel kind of puffy.  Clearly the universe is against me and I should just take down a Chinese buffet.  Or I guess I could just suck it up and be an adult about it and continue being healthy because it’s good for me and not because I need instant gratification from the scale right?  RIGHT?? 

Tomorrow morning I’m getting blood work done because I get it every 6 months anyway but also need it sent over to the surgeon before my pre-op appointment so it makes it feel more exciting than the usual run of the mill blood draw.  I’ve also started making a list of all of the things I need to get to have on hand after surgery, many of which are food related because food is my first and only true love in life.  A lot of them also involve combating constipation because apparently that shit gets real after surgery as a side effect of the pain meds and anesthesia.  I don’t remember that from previous surgeries so I’m hoping my body magically fights that off because, no.  Anyway, here’s my list so far:

- jello and pudding
- eggs and egg whites
- popsicles
- stuff to make smoothies
- fruit
- hummus
- soup and  broth but apparently you bloat like a motherfucker after this surgery so I might rethink this one
- Tylenol
- Arnica.. I don’t even know what this is but everything I’ve read said to get it and I think it’s good for scars?  I assume the doc will also tell me this stuff
- Palmer’s Vitamin E skin therapy oil
- all the gross stuff- milk of magnesia, prune juice, laxatives
- antibacterial soap
- ugly old person full butt coverage underwear (sorry but I just really don’t understand why these exist outside of medical use)

Then I also started making a list of clothes and stuff to bring over to my parents’ house, which is mostly just leggings, yoga pants, leggings and yoga pants.  And hoodies and stuff.  My dad just had hip surgery so he’s got some good gear for getting around when you're a disabled post-surgical disaster.  Though I keep forgetting that aside from my stomach, my arms will also be out of commish. Life is going to be a bitch for a few days, yeah?  I’m glad I’m having this thing in March when it’s still cold and I won’t be missing anything fun.

Can you tell I’m just really bored and ready for this surgery to just get here already?  January has flown by but winter bores me and it’s both exciting and torturous having this to look forward to near the end of winter.  Wednesday will be 6 weeks til the big day!

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