Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big week

I'm a little slow on the draw this week, but it's been a big one.  I hit the -75 pounds mark AND my 2 year WW anniversary.  Holy crap.

First let's discuss the weight.  I lost 2.2 more for 75.8 total and I want to procreate with my scale I love it so much lately.  So that's that.  Yay!

I've said this before, but I think I am prouder of the amount of time I've been on WW (and doing it for rillz rather than just paying for the account) than of the weight I've lost.  It's funny that I remember the date I "recommitted" in February 2009 since it wasn't exactly a memorable event.  It's not like I kicked open the doors of my local Weight Watchers center and announced my weight loss visions.  It's not even like I busted out my credit card and signed up for an online account.  No, I'd been paying for eTools for nearly a year before that day and paying for a Monthly Pass for a good 6 months before that.  So that glorious day was really more like "hmm maybe I'll actually track my shit for a change today and hop on the scale while I'm at it".  I re-set my weight, started tracking, and for the most part haven't looked back.  And on the topic of using stuff I'd already been paying for anyway, I started going to the gym again.  I don't know where the sudden motivation came from, other than the usual cliche fatass pictures on Facebook, but I'm glad it finally clicked.

Anyway, in honor of the big 2 year mark (and as it happens, the 75 pound mark as well) I decided to put together a "before-during" pic.  Not at my "after" yet but it's still fun to look at the progress.  Sometimes you don't appreciate how far you've come until you look at how bad your before pictures are.  Unfortunately my photography skillz leave much to be desired and the current pic is a blurry disaster, but hopefully you can make out the general outline of a person.

Earlier in the week I had big dreams about posting some glorious photo montage of my weight loss progression but then I got lazy, couldn't find my camera, and realized I could barely use my computer's Paint application let alone anything that appears to have been created after 1994.  So that's as good as it gets for now.

This week has been busy and I may or may not have undertaken some all-you-can-eat sushi last night, which may or may not have been followed by a gangbang of Girl Scout cookies.  But I'm still tracking and I'm motivated by the fact that I've been hanging on for over two years now so there's no reason to stop now.  Sometimes I lose and sometimes I gain, and sometimes it feels like it takes forever to notice results, but I will try my hardest to keep doing it no matter what.


  1. Congratulations!!! That is an amazing accomplishment, -75 pounds. You have stuck it out, when many would have quit.

    It's so crazy, that moment when everything clicks. When you realize that this WILL BE THE LAST TIME that you lose the weight. And based on what you've written here, that's where you are, and it's a wonderful feeling! Congrats on making it!! I feel like as soon as I had that moment, my victory of the WL Battle was already won, even though I wasn't yet anywhere near my goal weight.

    Two years following WW?! You are a rockstar. And very motivating to me! Thanks. :-)

  2. Allison, that's an amazing accomplishment!!! I can really empathize with your post. I'm not entirely sure why I started WW either (other than the horrible facebook photos). But at some point, I just decided to weigh in and start tracking.

    Great job and your comparison photos are awesome!

  3. Congrats on 75 pounds! I sincerely hope you see a totally different person from that first pic, because I know I do! Love the haircut too!

    This is blowing my mind because back when I posted on the boards I'm pretty sure you had lost around 30 lbs! It's so inspiring that you kept it up and went on to lose close to another 50!

    Sushi is SO not that bad in my opinion. I warned every coworker with little girls that if they even mentioned GS Cookies to me, I would kick them in the shins.