Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snapped my losing streak

Forget all the nice things I've previously said about my scale.  That mo-fo gave me a 1.8 pound gain this week.

I'm actually not mad at the scale and I knew that my recent streak of losses had to end sometime.  I used all of my weekly points and about 2/3 of my APs this week, and a large chunk were used Sunday night during the Super Bowl.  So maybe it was water retention, maybe it wasn't.  Who knows.. as long as the scale goes in an overall downward direction, I don't want to be obsessed with the week-to-week changes or overanalyzing every single movement of the scale.  The gain has definitely been testing my willpower to stay off the scale during the week, but so far so good!

On another note, last night I got a parking ticket at the gym.  Really, Mount Laurel PD, how much time do you have on your hands?  Sure, I was parked in the fire zone, but I always park there along with many other people so I don't know what provoked the sudden crackdown.  It's a pretty good indicator of how lazy I am that I can't even be bothered, at the gym, to park in a legal spot which would require more walking.  But just like with taking the elevator to my 2nd floor office everysingleday, my thoughts are that I get my exercise in during that hour at the gym and I'm not looking to exert myself anymore than necessary the other 23 hours of the day.  This parking ticket also leads me to believe that the suburbs have officially lost the only good thing they had going for them.  I didn't even know they issued parking tickets in the 'burbs.  Time to crank up my efforts to get a place in Philly, asap.

I have a pretty healthy menu planned out for today, at least until dinner.  I'm going out to a new Irish pub nearby.  I found a few decent meal options, but the beers always rape my points under the new plan.  5 points for a regular beer is just crazy talk.  My plan (in theory) is to substitute in a few glasses of water (it sounds lame but really I just like having something to sip on) and minimize my weekly point usage.  Now that the weather will be warming up soon and my upper arms will be exposed to the world again, I need to up my game a bit.  Hopefully I'll have good things to report after next WI.

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