Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Entering the homestretch to surgery...

Fuckin a, 15 days til surgery!  I’m actually entering the “do shit” phase of the pre-surgery countdown and officially stopped taking BC pills and vitamins.  I actually had to hide both because I'm in the habit of taking them every morning.  I guess abstaining from vitamins will be an easier task than abstaining from beer, but things to remember just the same.

I’m also officially at the stage of trying to plan out my next couple weeks of work to make sure things are covered when I’m out and pushing everything else until late March when I return.  Coming back after a couple weeks out will be god-awful and it's not as fun as a vacation, but unlike a vacation which ends, this will be something I can be excited about for.. ever?  And the results should look better and better as more time passes, so it's like the gift that keeps on giving.  I've also bought pretty much all of the random things I need for my recovery.  And of course, I've progressed to the point of talking everyone’s ears off about it which is the most obnoxious element of the lead-up to surgery.  Luckily my parents are very excited about it for me and are insanely accommodating with everything and taking care of me after.  I’m also forcing my friends to come visit me frequently to keep me entertained.  I’m sure I’ll be bored out of my damn mind but I’m also looking forward to all of the down-time to watch TV and relax and dick around online with minimal interruption. 

The last couple weeks have flown by with some fun distractions so that I've actually been enjoying my weeks rather than checking them off in an effort to get to March 11 as quickly as possible.  That said, I’m still ready to get to March 11 as quickly as possible!  I'm not nervous at all for the surgery or the pain or the discomfort.  If I'm being honest, my only real concern is being satisfied with my results.  I'm kind of trying to temper my expectations so that I'm not expecting to look like Adriana Lima when I wake up from surgery (wait, is that an option?  how much would that cost??) but I DO hope the change is dramatic.  Plus with much I've been boring my friends to death with my incessant chit chat about this, I want to look like a hot piece of ass.  Is that so much to ask?

Suffice it to say, the next 15 days will be a very excited and anxious and impatient countdown to the finish line!

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