Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Update

Just wanted to swing by and blow your minds by posting two days in a row, particularly shocking after I posted a pointless questionnaire yesterday to distract you from the fact that I semi-ignored WW for the weekend.

My scale says I maintained this week which was cause for a nice little morning celebration since I was a expecting a small gain.  Not peeking at the scale mid-week really makes WI morning a lot more fun (or sometimes a lot more horrifying.. but usually fun).  I should note that I started this paragraph with "my scale says" because sometimes I'm skeptical when I maintain.  What are the odds that I stayed the exact same weight, to the tenth of a pound, from one week to the next?  I mean I realize there are fluctuations in between, but it always seems unlikely.  Nevertheless, my scale is all I have to go on and I'm not try'na look a gift horse in the mouth.

I feel like a maintain (especially after an eh week) is a nice little opportunity for a "do-over" where I can have a good following week to make some new progress without having to waste a week getting the gain off.  That said, I have another Halloween party this Saturday and a small Halloween get-together on Friday which will still involve pumpkin beer and pizza and such.  Pumpkin beer and pizza is my weakness, people!  I'm also making matters worse for myself by making Halloween Funfetti cupcakes to take into work this week.  The good part is that I can only shovel so many cupcakes into my mouth before the rest of the office gets in on the action.  Still, long story shortish, it's unlikely I'll have a stellar week ahead of me.  But a girl can dream...

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