Friday, October 7, 2011

Midweek Check-In

I am truly shocked that I’m blogging twice in the same damn week, but I feel like I’ve been trying to give WW my A-game this week (and somewhat succeeding) and wanted to force a check-in to maybe keep me on track through the weekend.  I’m also having one of those days where I’m ready to go on a murder spree through my office so I figured taking a quick hiatus to blog might be productive for my mental health.

I’ve used 10 WPs in my first three days this week which is decent.  I use the bulk of my weeklies on the weekends but whenever I start hammering through my weeklies before Friday even hits it’s going to be a bad week, so at least I can say I haven’t done that so far.  It’s really sad that it’s taken me this long to even TRY, really try, to buckle down and string together two straight losses and break into new territory.  But- so far so good.  I also went to the gym three weekdays this week which will make four times since Saturday, which I haven’t done in forevs.  God forbid the hot guy that works at my gym ever finds new employment because then I might need to create a new source of motivation.  Anyway, I am happy with my week so far and I know I’m totally capable of having a solid WW weekend as well.  I JUST WANT TO HIT -100 DAMNIT!

I went to Chipotle for lunch and had 9 points worth of a burrito bowl which isn’t bad, although it doesn’t partner so well with the 6ish Munchkins I’ve had so far today.  I brought them to work myself thinking I possessed more self-control than reality has shown.  I’m also going out to dinner with my parents tonight, probably for BBQ, so I need to buckle my shit down a little if I want to get this weekend off to an OK start.

Sooo I’m rambling and will end things here, but since it’s Yom Kippur and I’m technically Jewish I’ll leave off with a fabulous e-card.

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