Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Hundred!

Since I neglected to check in after my last post, I’ll give a recap of how my attempt to finally have a second straight good week went:  I was good through Friday, then went out on Saturday night and got wrecked, then went out to brunch the next morning with my mom and sister and ate somewhere in the vicinity of my entire body weight in pastrami and potato pancakes, and gained 1.2 at WI.  As a quick aside, I will once again reiterate that I am not a raging alcoholic but in an attempt to accurately recap both my best and worst weeks on WW I want to be honest and mention those occasional indiscretions.  They really aren’t that frequent, but they always seem to wind up on my blog suggesting that I do this regularly.  In actuality, not drinking like a 19 year old anymore has been one of the major things that has helped me stick with WW this time around.  But anyway, painfully hungover brunch at Schlesingers (the TK Special happened, and it was fucking awesome) was delicious but also not a regular part of my life, sadly. 

THIS WEEK… I mostly had my shit together, I went out for drinks on Saturday and had 2 Miller Lites (nasty, right? but very point-friendly so I’ll past myself on the back) mixed with a couple glasses of water and, despite a 3 a.m. cheesesteak run, had a pretty good week in WW-world.  In all honesty it wasn’t perfect and I used up all my WPs and just barely dipped into my APs, so I was expecting to maybe lose my 1.2 pound gain and a sliver extra, but it was good enough for a 2.8 pound loss to put me at -100.00 on the dot! 

I’m very excited to hit that milestone and really want to enjoy it, especially since back in August when I got within 0.4 of it I started to get kind of apathetic about it.  I realize that I still need to plug away a little longer to get to goal and that’s always in the back of my mind, but I want to enjoy the ride as well, and I think hitting the 100 pounds mark is really worth taking a moment to savor.  And savor I did, seeing as how some evil skank/wonderful soul brought in both pumpkin cheesecake AND marble cake stuffed with cannoli filling to work today.  Why must such deliciousness exist?!  I had small pieces of both so I’m rumbling through my points today, but it was worth it.  Cannoli-stuffed cake, people, that shit is no joke.

Anyway.  I really hope I have good news to report again next week so I can really keep moving.  I don’t care if it’s slow, I just don’t want to yo yo up and down every other week for the next 3 months.  I have Halloween parties the next 2 weekends but I will remind myself repeatedly that I need not eat every last appetizer and drink every last pumpkin beer that is put in front of me (mmmm Pumpkin Ale…).  My last before/after(during) pic was only a few pounds ago but I’m thinking it’d be cool to do a Halloween costume pic montage thing of the last 3 years as a comparison.  I’ll pretend that this might actually happen and I won’t forget to update again until Christmas.


  1. YAY!!!! You are so inspiring.

    Congrats on hitting the 100 pounds mark.

    The Halloween montage sounds cool!

  2. Woo, congrats! That is awesome. Please do the montage. Before x-mas preferably.