Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm over April

I feel like whining about the weather today, which is so generic and tedious but whatevs.  The sky looks like it threw up this morning.  It's supposed to get up to 79 today but with thunder storms and other assorted crappiness.  I just want a warm sunny day, damnit.  I will start to despise summer and all things heat-related by June or so, so I'd just like some pleasant 75-and-sunny weather between now and then.  Then again, it's April when, duh, rain happens, so I should probably just get over it and find something more creative to bitch about.  I guess it's a sign that things are going well overall in my life when my only complaint is the weather.

On a less downsies note, I want to brag about my cooking for a minute.  Since the move I've been cooking regularly and preparing meals and sticking to my list at the grocery store and it's been fantastic!  I realize that most people do this every day for like 50 years and don't ask to be showered with praise over it, but I require constant attention and head-patting over menial tasks so I'm going to brag.  I defrosted chicken and ground turkey on Sunday and made lemon chicken with cous cous Monday night and last night had a baked spud and turkey burger with cheese and avocado slices (I don't think I've ever gotten my timing down previously on the ripening of avocados so this shit is big news) and was not dissuaded by the fact that I got home from the gym at 8:15 and could have easily went to town on a box of cereal and some spaghetti-o's instead.  Tonight I'm doing fajitas with my sister and will even exercise some efficiency skills and use the rest of the avocado.  I love that she lives in Philly too and we can cook dinner together and do other things that real adults do.  It also makes me ridic excited for some nice weather when we can do dinner and happy hour outside somewhere on Rittenhouse Square and gossip about how weird and/or annoying our friends are.  <3 sisterly bonding.

Lastly, I lost 1.4 at weigh-in yesterday which was awesome.  I had a mostly decent week with a few downfalls over the weekend and I'm very excited to be moving in the downward direction with a solid loss.  Fingers crossed for 2 weeks in a row...

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