Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It looks like I'm back to the up & down weight pattern I thought I had shed a few weeks ago.  But who am I kidding- I had a flukey 4.4 pound loss last week with some less than stellar eating, so that was sure to lead nowhere good.  I'm up 0.4 this week but was still pretty pleased when I stepped on the scale yesterday.  I mostly restored normal eating habits to my life and have been pretty good about cooking and preparing lunches and dinners in advance.  My biggest downfall was going out for beer and nachos with my best friend on Friday.  I hadn't seen her in forever and it just seemed like a good time to consume large quantities of melted cheese.

I'm hoping to lose the 0.4 this week and knock out a few straight losses in the coming weeks.  The gym has seemed a little more annoying than usual lately (and it's always annoying) and I think with the extra 15 minutes added to my commute each way, I get resentful that I don't get to spend as much time flopping around lazily on the couch.  I know I talk about laziness a lot, but it really is a large part of my life's happiness.  I've still been going to the gym anyway, just grumbling about it more than usual- my apologies.

I brought up the topic of weight goal rewards awhile back and, as per usual, didn't follow through with coming up with any.  I really just don't think I'm capable of thinking of something I want and actually making myself wait to buy it.  But regardless, I think with the 100 pounds mark approaching (pounds lost, not current weight- as if that needed explaining if you've ever seen me) I should come up with something pimp-ass as a reward.  I badly want to keep losing weight and I'm definitely not one of those people who is "scared" to be thin or any of that crazy talk.  However, I think I'm a little anxious about losing 100 pounds because then it sort of makes it obvious that I was 100 pounds overweight in the first place, right?  Not like anyone thought I was waifish before I started, but that number is kind of ridonk and I'm not sure how I'll feel about telling people I've lost 100 pounds, if and when I get to that point.  I totally 100% plan to keep losing, I just want to stop keeping track of the poundage, essentially.  I think I'd feel better if I just kept saying "85 pounds lost" like people that keep saying they're 29 for ten years straight.  So yeah.  At the very least, I should think of some kind of awesome reward for myself, which brings me back to my original dilemma of being an impulsive buyer with no patience.  Crap.

That's about the gist of the past week.  I feel like this post started going downhill into negative-town at some point, but I swear I'm pretty content with things right now.  I just gotta keep on planning good meals and avoid exessive nacho consumption and I should be alright.

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