Tuesday, January 12, 2016


12 days into 2016 and I’m not feeling it.  I’d imagine this is more indicative of the annual post-holiday comedown combined with it being cold and busy at work more than an indication of how 2016 will go, but just the same, 2016 needs to get its shit together.  I type this at 3something p.m. on a Tuesday (my least favorite day of the week) where I’m on 5 hours of sleep and nursing a Fireball hangover and a Clemson loss so I suppose my opinion on anything might be somewhat skewed at the moment.  I’m really failing at my recent goal of trying to be more positive, aren’t I?

Other than last night as the obvious outlier, it’s been a pretty healthy 2016 so far.  I’m not being as regimented as I was last January when I gave myself a bullet pointed list of guidelines to follow for 21 days but the lack of major social challenges since New Year’s made it easier to hammer out some healthier meal plans and regular workout routines.  So that’s a positive.  See, I’m totally positive! 

I’m not usually into workout challenges because I’m not particularly motivated to increase my activity or really change my routine at all (32 years old and I’m already lazily set in my ways) but since I’m a huge nerd and love Game of Thrones, I’m doing a GoT challenge through the My Fitness Pal forums.  Basically anything where I get to sign up to be in a house (YAY HOUSE LANNISTER!) and make GoT references (<3 Tyrion) is enough to reel me in.  And I mean I can’t wait 3 more months for Season 6 to start so this is the logical fix, yeah?  I’ve also found that in the 2.5 days since it started, the challenge has been a somewhat positive influence on my life, and as we know I could always use positive influences.  Like today I’m hungover and want to go home and pass out on the couch, but I’m going to go to the gym because I know I’m physically capable of doing so and need to get some challenge minutes.  ALSO… the focus is on a balance of cardio, strength and flexibility, and lord knows I need to work on my flexibility.  That sounds dirty (albeit appropriate), but also I just don’t stretch enough and I’m increasingly achy when I work out.  The flexibility goal is 65 minutes a week and I think it will be good for me to try to spend more time stretching and doing some light yoga, and also work on a better balance of cardio and strength rather than just focusing so much on cardio.

So that’s my 2016 in review so far.  I’m going to San Francisco 3 weeks from tomorrow so that will get this  year moving a bit.  Until then, I’ll be diligently logging my workouts to avoid getting sent to the Night’s Watch, or whatever other adorably kitschy punishments are in store.

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