Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thinking of a post title is the hardest part

Here I was thinking it hadn't been THAT long since I've posted but nope, 2 months.  I swear I've at least started a post in that span, and I'm convinced that I get stumped by the daunting post title line.  Being creative is hard, and just calling it "TUESDAY MARCH 15, 2016" seems dry.  Maybe I'll just start going with rap lyrics that make it seem like I'm going to talk about something more interesting than fiber.

On the fiber note, I have been trying to focus on increasing my protein and fiber intake which sometimes seems easy and other days it's like ... OK am I actually talking about my fiber intake?  How old am I?  Holy hell.  

Ughhh anyway, so I really hoped to post something about a subject other than surgery prior to the inevitable "soooo I'm gonna have a thigh lift" post, but too late.  I guess I only get inspired to blog when I get to talk about something gory like having my groin split open to have thigh fat scraped out.  That's an appetite-killer if ever you needed one.  I was at the surgeon's office for a follow-up on last year's (I can't even believe it's been over a year, what have I been doing??) procedures and scheduled the thigh lift for June 9.  The doctor also said he wanted to redo/revise the ab scar at the same time because he wants to bring it a bit lower and flatten it more since it's currently depressed (as in lowered into the skin, not in need of Cymbalta).  This was not something that had even crossed my mind as I'm perfectly happy with the ab scar and it's not visible in bathing suit bottoms.  However, he thinks it could look better and he'd do it for free ("free").  I was on the fence initially but now thinking I'll let him do his thang.  It will mean slicing open the original incision again and having one drainage tube, but the doc claims it won't really affect my recovery time.  So, that's that in that department.

Weight, life, health, food, exercise-wise, all the same.  Which I tend to think is a good thing.  I had the same lazy thought that I had a couple months out from surgery last time that it wouldn't kill me to lose 5 pounds beforehand but I'm betting against that happening.  My body (or more accurately, my willpower and my beer/carb-loving soul) seems to like this weight, and I'm just not sure I have the motivation to really press forward to lose a few more pounds, even though I'd like to.  Damn, if I'm too lazy to even set a hypothetical goal of achieving something, I'm probably too lazy to achieve said goal.  Whatever man, I feel good.

I will try to update about things other than surgery but I really need to think of some better topics.  Otherwise we might as well wait til I get crazy enough to do another juice cleanse, and nobody wants that.  Lates.

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