Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One Hundred and Five Days From Now....

I’ve been a little slow on the updates because that’s the only speed at which I roll, but I was finally motivated to come post because… I SCHEDULED MY MOFO SURGERY!  Basically I will only care enough to update this blog when I have some kind of surgery-related update or something else that is entirely superficial and me-centric.

To backtrack a little, I had a second consultation with a different surgeon about a month ago but I didn’t like him.  I wanted to, because his office is really close to my work and to my parents’ house where I’ll be vacationing for the week or so following surgery, and I’d heard good things about him, but I found him kind of stand-offish and he spent a lot less time with me during the appointment than the first doctor.  Then I got too lazy to do any more consultations and I had such a good experience with the first one that I was like boom, it’s happening.  Talked to my boss about it, ran the scheduling by my parents, paid the deposit, and it’s on the books.  April 1, 2015.  I got all of the pre-op paperwork today, most of which I don’t have to do anything with until about a month out, but it was SO DAMN EXCITING!

As I think I mentioned, I’m doing arms and stomach.  Those 2 procedures can be done together and they’re really the most I can get done and still afford to eat.  And you know this bitch likes to eat.  Every time I do kickboxing in a tank top I’m like, I’m SO over these arms.  I want new ones!  Or just surgically sliced up ones!  In theory if I can lose 5 pounds or so before the surgery that’d be cool but I don’t know that it will matter much either way.  That was one of the things that annoyed me with the second doctor- he said my arms are basically just muscle and skin so there’s no more weight to lose there but that my stomach still has some fat (which, duh, I’m certainly no waif) and that he recommended losing 5-6 pounds before the surgery.  I mean, OBVS I’m trying to do that anyway, but the first doctor said it really wouldn’t make any difference, especially at my height.  So really, I liked the first doctor because he said the stuff I wanted to hear.  Clearly that’s good medicine right there. 

ANYWAY, I’ll definitely be taking some before pictures between now and April of the stomach and arms but TBD when I actually post them.  I want some comparison pics first!  I will try to update with any random thoughts I have about the upcoming surgery but really if I post ever again it’ll probably be about much stupider stuff like what I’m having for lunch or why I still hate running.


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