Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Surgery? Maybe

So even though this blog is kind of on the DL (out of laziness/apathy about sharing it, not because I care about privacy or who reads it), I’m going to post a few updates about my thrilling adventure into plastic surgery.  I found some blogs about tummy tucks and similar procedures that were really helpful so figured I’d blog about it so that if I end up doing it, it’ll exist somewhere on the internet for posterity.

I had a consultation this morning and it felt pretty awesome to get things moving.  My BFF is a doctor in Delaware so she gave me the name of a plastic surgeon in Wilmington and I figured I’d start with him.  I liked him a lot and felt good about the visit so I figure I may only do one more consultation before pulling the trigger on this bitch.  Here’s a brief tour through my mindset, what I was concerned about, not concerned about, and what I wanted to get out of the consult. 

I did a decent amount of research on both procedures and accepted the fact that I’d probably be taking 2 weeks off work.  Fine, whatever, I’ll cut my vacations down a bit for 2015.  Besides, if I’m going to throw a buncha cash-money at plastic surg it probably wouldn’t kill me to cut out a Vegas trip.  Also, I already talked to my parents who are the shit and who agreed to babysit me for the week or two following surgery.  Schedule-wise for both me and them, March/April/May is probably the best time they can be at my beckon call.  Plus they have a sweet comfy mega-sectional with recliners at their house so I can just stay there and lay around watching TV without moving at all for 39483 straight hours.  So, recovery is whatever.  I know the pain and discomfort will be shitty and I won’t really be able to appreciate the extent of it til it’s happening so it is what it is.  So, I really had very few questions about the logistics of it going in, just wanted to clarify things and most of all.. COST.  If it wasn’t going to be in the amount I mentally budgeted for this, might as well quit now.  I’m not tryna finance this thing, I got student loans to be paid and I don’t need another monthly expense.

Basically, the doctor talked to me for a bit while fully clothed (me, not him.. I mean he was too) and asked about my weight loss, assured me that it didn’t matter that I wanted to lose another 15 pounds, etc.  Then he had me get mostly naked (bra and thong stayed on) and he checked shit out, felt around on my stomach and arms, and then I got dressed again.  That part lasted seriously like a minute, super quick, not that I really cared either way.  He’ll see me way more naked during surgery.  Then I got dressed and we talked about logistics, cost, scheduling, recovery, other stuff, etc.  One thing that I really appreciated was that he didn’t try to talk me into getting other stuff.  I was fully expecting him to try to sell me on a boob job, thigh lift, or some other stuff, but from the outset when I said tummy tuck and arm lift he didn’t push it.  Everything else he told me was basically just confirming what I already knew about the procedures.  I asked him about scarring from the arm lift because I know that’s a concern and he said the scar is there, it goes to your elbow, it may never fade, etc.  Personally, a scar doesn’t bother me and I’d take that over the extra arm skin, though I did google some post-brachioplasty pics when I got back to work just to see more examples.  Finally, price.  In my head I figured it would be about/at least $12k based on some people I talked to and things I read.  I know it varies by location, doctor, individual, other stuff, but still wanted to go in with some idea.  He quoted me $11,950 for both procedures so I was very happy to hear that.  In a perfect world I was hoping it could magically be closer to $10k but was really just hoping it wouldn’t be higher, or substantially higher, than 12. 

So, once I got past that final hurdle of finding that the cost wasn’t going to be prohibitive, I felt like a million bucks (except that this will actually leave me much poorer and further from a million bucks).  All the same, I knew I wanted this, and still do, and now it can hopefully happen!  As long as I don’t go through any kind of massive problem or emergency or something that drains my funds in the next few months, I think I will definitely go ahead with it.  But, because it’s a ways out, it probably won’t feel so certain until it gets a bit closer.  I’m going to do another consultation with another doc in the Jerz and then figure out my gameplan.

Assuming I do this thing, I'll probably post before (like, post-weight loss, pre-surg) pics at some point but not until I see the after to make sure it looks more awesome.  Otherwise it's like, whomp whomp, this is what I currently look like and I want to pay money to get it changed.  So, hopefully updates to follow!

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