Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer is hard

I had a mostly good week with a sizeable blemish Saturday night.  I went out to a charity dinner/auction thing and they had 8 dessert stations set up at the after-party with a lot of deliciousness, which is really just unfair.  Food-wise I was on my shit but drink-wise was the usual issue.  Open bars are that way, I suppose.  I actually made a point to stick to drinking wine and light beer most of the night with a few shots when we went out to a couple bars later on.  My only drunk eating was some Goldfish when I got home so it could have been worse. 

It’s not that I have a problem with these occasional nights, but it is frustrating that I make healthy choices all week, prepare a week-full of nutritious lunches and dinners, and then go in the extreme opposite direction.  Based on my very general estimate, I still had about 5 APs left at the end of the week but it was still not a healthy endeavor.  And then Sunday my point usage wasn’t awful but Chinese food, a milkshake and some cream cheese straight from the container probably weren’t the most nutritious way to use them.  Or some might say. 

Anyway, I’m still working towards a good week ahead.  I lost 0.8 at WI yesterday from last Tuesday’s official WI.  It was still up from what I was when I cheat-peeked at Wednesday but I’m cool with it for sure, and it was a solid reminder that I need to stop weighing throughout the week.  My “tightest” pair of pants in my current size are getting loose so I know I’m creeping up on solidly fitting into the next size down.  I’m also happy to say that running has been making my ass look hotter, so at least that’s some incentive to keep doing it on occasion. 

This week is doable.  I’ve got a charity happy hour thing tomorrow night (the points really shouldn’t count when it’s for charity) but I think this weekend will be pretty low-key.  I had been planning on going to the shore Friday night since I didn’t make it last weekend but in addition to WW, my body just needs a chill and relaxing weekend.  So chill and relax, I shall.

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