Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Bitch

Ahh what a surprise.  Allison doesn’t like what the scale says so she avoids blogging for a day.

Anyway, after a mostly awesome WW week (and a very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend) I was up 0.2 yesterday.  However, I only went beyond my weeklies and into my APs by 4 and logged some solid workouts so I felt good about the way the week went.  I can also feel that slight bit of extra bagginess in clothes where my skirts are a tad less clingy on my ass so I’d love it if I can move down another 5-6 pounds and into the next size shortly.  I’ve been angrily holding off on buying new jeans and work pants because I’ve got a good amount of shit in my current size, but I crave new and I want it sooner rather than later.

I’ve been totally failing on the weighing once-per-week front which seems to go hand in hand with being a headcase about WW, so I’m trying to steer that back on the right track.  Nonetheless, I insisted on checking out the scale this morning because of my frustration with yesterday’s WI, and I was back down 1.8 (or a 1.6 loss from last week).  I’m not counting it and I tracked yesterday’s WI, but it was still nice to see the number on the scale this morning.  I haven’t seen a number that low in years and it was less than 9 pounds higher than my 18-year old weight which is always what I’m working toward, even though goal is at least 10-15 pounds beyond that.  Of course, this totally sets me up for a mindfuck next WI because now I’ll stupidly expect to see a number at least as low as this morning’s.  I need to stay off that mofo of a scale.

Aside from that small dose of cray cray, things are good.  It’s been hot as balls out lately so I’ve mostly been sticking to working out and running indoors.  For some reason I haven’t had the hatred towards the treadmill which I usually carry, but it wouldn’t kill me to throw in a few more outdoor runs now and then.  I’ve finally gotten back to running slightly faster than 10 minute mile pace so I decided I might as well set a new goal of 9 minute pace.  I’m not sure I’ll stick with it/care long enough to get back to that, but it’s something to strive for at least.  I’m too lazy to really increase my mileage beyond 3.5 or so, so at least it’s something.

I may head down the shore this weekend which would mean a decent amount of drinking, but beyond that I’m pretty well planned as far as meals this week.  It’s manageable.

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