Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hmm 2+ months now since I last updated… awesome.  I’m still kickin and my weight loss has been stagnant but nothing bad to report, so as usual it really just boils down to laziness on my part.

Since I never updated about my Lent-shrouded break from liquor, according to my tracker I lost 3 pounds during that time which isn’t bad and it was probably a good exercise overall.  I was reminded that there are definitely other things in my weekly diet that hinder my weight loss besides alcohol, but it was interesting to take a harder look at my tracker and see where my points go and what situations tend to yield shittier results.

Speaking of situations that yield shitty results…

Don't drink and lick your friends, people.

I’ve actually been mostly on the ball for the past few weeks not including Cinco and a detour while in Chicago last week.  I mysteriously lost 1.6 at WI this morning despite living off of Garrett’s popcorn, deep dish and Jameson (don’t ask) for the better part of last week, but I think that’s partly a byproduct of having pretty nominal losses the couple weeks before despite being mostly on my shit with WW.  Or maybe my scale is just being ghetto, hard to say.  Either way, outside of the week I had something resembling the stomach flu and couldn’t eat for like 3 days back in March, today is, allegedly, the lowest I’ve been since 2002ish.

I’ve been pretty good with planning meals out for the week and I don’t have anything awesome, aka unhealthy, planned for Memorial Day so maaaybe I can actually keep going.  I now have it in my head that I want to be down 4 pounds by a wedding at the end of July which is a stupid and pointless goal but overall I’d really just like to be moving in the right direction.  I’ve also been holding off on buying new jeans for pretty much a decade because I want to get down to the next size first, but I can’t hold out forever.  So I’ve got some motivation, I’m just not sure how that will translate into results.

I will try to be a little less crappy with my updating, mostly for my own sake.

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