Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When you put your mind to it...

And yet again I am reminded that when I actually make a concerted effort to exercise some willpower, good things can happen.  Down 3 pounds… BOOM.  This puts me back to my lowest (-100.6) which is awesome and as much as I could have possibly hoped for this week.  HOWEVER- I really really really really fucking really want to see some new numerage (spellcheck says that’s not a word, stupid) on the old scale this week.  Like, enter a new pound for the first time since I hit the century mark.  Which would require a 0.6 pound loss this coming week.  I can totally do that, but I know that I tried for the same thing multiple times in the past few months when I was back down to my lowest and instead ran into mostly epic failure.

I’m just tired of bobbling around within the same ~3.5 pound range.  If I could just get down a couple of poundaroos it would at least be refreshing to see different numbers while yo-yoing incessantly, because I’ve been seeing the same GD numbers on the scale for mooooonths now.  Forget hitting the next 5-pound interval, I’d gladly take 2 at this point. 

So back to my 3 pound loss.  Made it another week with no liquor and minimal alcohol.  I went out to a buffet for dinner on Friday night (yes, Friday night at a buffet, please reserve your judgments) and a 3-course, mostly buffet-style endless champagne brunch on Sunday morning and still made it through the week with 14 weekly points and all 22 activity points in tact.  And I didn’t sit there nibbling on lettuce leaves (like I’d ever allow lettuce in my mouth anyway), I just planned ahead and didn’t eat my face off.  It’s almost irritating how easy it can feel some weeks, while others I seem to lack all self-control.  Which will this coming week be?  I know it’s all technically within my control, I just like it when it feels easy.  Is that so wrong?! 

This coming week doesn’t have any obvious challenges lurking so it’s absolutely, totally possible for me to rock the shit out of this WW week.  I’ve gotta go to a Flyers game with clients tonight but the food is significantly easier to avoid when you’re trying to avoid cheese dripping down your chin while talking about foreclosure litigation.  Tomorrow night is sushi but that’s doable as well.  It really just boils down to whether or not I’m going to continue to plan ahead and get my shit in gear or whether I’m going to submit to the (delicious, bakery-fresh, flakey, chocolatey) donuts in the kitchen.  I’ve got my workouts planned for this week and am slowly improving my running speed a tad since a certain whorebag is making me do another 5k on 3/18.  I will report back next week, gain or loss, and see what comes from my third week without hard liquor.

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