Monday, December 5, 2011

December Shenanigans

I meticulously avoided posting after my post-Thanksgiving WI for a few days, but now that it’s been a few days and I’ve gotten my shit mostly back together I figured I’d update.  I gained 4.8 last WI which I *think* has been my highest gain this time around on WW, which is no easy feat as I’m coming up on 3 years on this go-round AND I think I bested my previous highest by a good pound or so.  I didn’t track and enjoyed every morsel of food I could get my paws on so a gain of some magnitude was expected and all I can do is move on to the next week.

So far this week I’ve been good, and I have about 4 WPs left with my next WI tomorrow.  After tonight I’ll have gotten to the gym 4 times and so I think it’s been a good bounce-back week.  I’m not asking to get rid of the whole 4.8 this week but I’m hoping to make a nice dent in it, at least.  This time of year is awesome but a bitch on the diet front, and so I’m cool with seeing minimal results for the next few weeks.

On a more positive note, I did have some good (albeit expensive) non-scale victories over the weekend.  On Saturday I went shoe-shopping with my roommates and I was mainly looking for boots.  I’ve always believed myself to be in possession of big old man calves that do not and will not fit into normal-person boots.  I haven’t boot-shopped in awhile, but I can remember in college when I was at least in the general vicinity of my current weight, knee-high boots would not make their way up my calves.  I don’t have enormous calf muscles but they’re big enough and I’m sure a lot of that has to do with gaining weight over the years and my legs having to work extra hard to carry the added weight.  Anyway, in case it’s not already totally obvious where this going… every pair of regular-sized boots I tried on fit spectacularly, the wide-calf ones I tried on were too big, and so I think my legs might finally have joined the normal-sized population after all.  I ended up buying 2 new pairs including some fabulous knee-high suede boots that I want to sleep with they’re so lovely, and my mood was jovial.

Second expensive NSV:  I went dress-shopping yesterday to find a new dress for our holiday party this weekend.  I wasn’t intending to spend a lot, but it’s funny what your wallet is suddenly inclined to do when you try on a wonderful dress in a size you haven’t seen since you were a freshman in college.  It fit and zipped without a problem, though it hugs the shit out of every inch of my torso and ass so you better believe I’ll be taking it easy on the mint M&Ms this week.  Or, I’ll say I’m going to do that and end up stuffing my face and wearing a tight-ass mothereffing dress on Saturday.  Either way, I was ecstatic, I love the dress, and I feel really good about things in the weight department, even if I did gain the equivalent of a small child last week.

Hopefully I will have some good news at WI tomorrow, though this coming week will be a tougher one so that will

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