Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hot Mess

Sorry for my continuing laziness with updating, although it’s surely to be expected at this point.  This month, and past few weeks really, have been flying, and since fall and pre-Thanksgiving/Christmas is my favorite time of year, I’ve been trying to enjoy the hell out of it while it’s here.

I’ve had some pretty inconsistent and, at times ,horribly unspectacular WW moments of late, but I’m trying to get things going mostly in the right direction.  I will fully admit right now that I’m going to eat the shit out of some Thanksgiving awesomeness next week and I probably will not track it or really say no to anything, but I figure I can at least try to be kind of a WW non-failure for the next 9 days. 

After maintaining my -100 loss for one week, I had a less than stellar following week involving too much Halloween everything.  For a couple weeks I think I just ate candy at will and pretended it didn’t have points, which is odd since I’m not even much of a sweets person.  I gained 3.6 and then only lost 0.4 last week after having a pretty decent week.  The nice part about that is that it sets you up for a loss even after a shitty following week because the scale sort of owes you, if that makes sense.  This is one of the good and bad things about only weighing once a week.  Anyway… after my meager 0.4 loss, I decided to take control by having absolutely awful-eating days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday where I blew through all of my WPs and APs on nothing good in particular.  Friday I finally sat myself down and gave myself a good bitchslap and decided that at least for one day, I would not eat a single piece of Halloween candy, soft pretzel, or donut that was brought into the office (and all of that was on Friday.. evil bastards).  And so I didn’t.  But that night was my sister’s birthday so in lieu of dinner I had about 7 gallons of vodka which, for better or worse, all got puked into my bedside trashcan the following morning.  This is the part where I maintain once again that I’m not a raging alco. 

Despite the vodka-infused slip-up (which wasn’t so much a slip-up as a planned hotmess-capade), I did right the ship again on Saturday and have been eating pretty positively since then.  I made a much-needed trip to the grocery store and planned out healthy meals for the week and cooked some healthy crap Sunday and last night, with a turkey burger with avocado slices and a sweet potato on tap for tonight.  Oh, and despite being 30ish points in the red last week I lost 3.2 this past week to put me back at -100 on the dot and feeling much better in general now that I don’t have Snickers and Reese’s pulsing through my veins.  I have big plans to rock this week before eating myself into a mild coma on Thanksgiving.  Whatever, it’s once a year!

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  1. I feel your pain from Friday night.

    I might have consumed just as much beer/tequila.

    Dear sweet gym skipping hangover.