Friday, July 6, 2012

This and That

Well what do you know, I almost let another week slip by without updating.  I like doing it, too, and I’ve started to about 47 times this week.  But yeah.  Lazy.  Etc. 

I lost 0.4 at WI which is unspectacular but since I’ve been going down pretty steadily, albeit slowly, over the past 6ish weeks, I’ve been surprisingly happy just to see new numbers of any kind.  I went out for Mexican last Friday and had obscene quantities of truffle oil guac and nachos and 4ish Dos Equis Ambers and my new favorite, a michelada which is a Bloody-Mary-type situation that has Dos Equis Amber in it and was quite delicious.  And I had Oreo pancakes for brunch on Sunday.  At this point I’m really just laying out the foundation for an actual food-porn, complete with me bathing myself in a tub of cheese whiz, so I’ll put it to rest.  But yum.  And I had 2 WPs left and did a full slate of workouts.  So 0.4 was good enough for me.

What else?  It’s Friday afternoon and clearly I’m work-minded at the moment.  I’m going to the Phillies game in a bit where I will be having crab fries for dinner, a well-balanced meal if ever there was one.  I’m doing a Color Run on Sunday which starts early as shit but I’m trying to cut down on the quantity of bitching I do because it seems to be a lot lately.  I don’t think it’s going to be a fantastic weekend in the WW sphere of life, but as usual if I can keep things relatively under control and I eat somewhere short of 99 million calories, it’s all good.

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