Sunday, May 1, 2011

And it's May

These blog post titles are really clever, eh?  Brilliance doesn't grow on trees, people.

The weekend is winding down and, despite my typical massive wave of Sunday depression, I feel pretty good about the weekend.  It was one of those weekends that was pretty vanilla in terms of excitement or doing anything remotely memorable, but it was good in WW world.  I'm definitely not one of those people that would rather stay in and make healthy decisions all weekend- I firmly believe there's no point in being thin if I'm going to sit around and be boring and sober all the time.  But I think the scale appreciates me mixing in some quiet weekends where I don't go to town on pizza and nachos at 3 a.m.

I used a decent chunk of weeklies on Mexican food for dinner on Friday but then miraculously only used like 3 more Saturday and Sunday.  I can't explain it, but this craziness won't be happening again anytime soon.  I also went to 2 classes at the gym yesterday morning and went for about an hour walk around the city today to eat up the nice weather.  And, much to my ego's enjoyment, I had one of those rare but fantastic shopping trips yesterday where you are literally pissing sunshine in the dressing room.  These beauties can happen at any weight and there's no apparent reason why, but it was just one of those days where everything I tried on looked - for lack of a better term - fucking hot on me.  As you can probably tell I've never been deficient in the self-esteem department.  But it was perfect and I bought a shitload of various clothes, including a pair of jeans in a certain size that I haven't worn since 2003.  According to my estimations I was still a good 9 pounds away from last having comfortably worn that size, and in fairness there was a small amount of muffin top, but they were still surprisingly OK.  That shopping trip single-handedly canceled out any misery surrounding the 1st birthday party I had to attend for my friend's kid later that day.  All in all, a good weekend!

Barring any major Chinese buffet-caliber setbacks tomorrow, I should see a loss on Tuesday.  I don't usually gain 2 weeks in a row and I may or may not shit a brick if I do this week.  Unfortunately, next weekend looks like a big Cinco de Mayo sized minefield of temptation so even with a (hopeful) loss this week, the up-and-down on the scale looks to continue into May.  I'll report back on Tuesday's results sometime soon.

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