Thursday, June 4, 2015

12 Weeks Post-Op, and it's June, and Scar Pics

Yesterday was twelve weeks post-surgery, and I have what will likely be my last post-op check-up with the doctor next Monday.  I really can’t imagine needing to see him for anything at this point since the only surgery-related stuff I’m still doing is putting bio-oil on the incisions to help the scars fade.  The stomach incision doesn’t bother me at all since it’s so low down and not visible in anything, but I’ll probably ask if there is anything else I can do for the arms.  I was at a class at the gym on Monday and got stuck in the very front, and during overhead tricep extensions I was like, OH RIGHT, I have bigass scars snaking up my upper arms that the world can see from this position.  That said though, they don’t bother me and I don’t regret the surgery at ALL because my arms (pythons?) look really good and feel really good, and when my arms are in pretty much any other position, the scars aren’t visible, or are barely so.  But for the curious among you, here’s what they look like:

Pretty funky, yeah?

Working out has been good, normal, haven’t started leaking guts out of any incision or orifice.  I’ve been slow to up my running because I’m lazy and not all that ambitious but I’m almost back to 4 miles, and could probably do it if I actually had any willingness to push myself.  I was nervous about lifting at first but that has been totally 100% fine.  So basically, I’m just pretending I never had surgery, other than the 3-4 minutes I still spend checking myself out in the mirror every morning.  It’s horrifically vain but when you’ve never had a flat stomach in your adult life (or really, adolescent life either) and then a magical doctor is like, “TADA! Here you go!” you revert back to 13 year old-caliber narcissism trapped in a 31 year old’s body. 

I’m still doing MFP and have basically leveled out weight-wise the last few weeks after some extreme ups and downs.  I’m not as low as my lowest but about 7 pounds lower than what I was before surgery so that is OK with me I think.  I’ve been tracking like a beast but could be making better decisions, particularly on the weekends and particularly on the drinking front, so that’s my goal for June.  

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